Excuses people tell themselves and others to keep smoking (I know I used many of them myself)

1 We all have to die of something. ..... true but do we have to pay big bucks for it? And several of the ways smoking kills is very slow. Not the way anyone would chose to go!

2 I'm only hurting myself.... false. Your family suffers right along with you.

3 I have time, I'll quit later..... False. You never know how much time you have. Rich used this one a lot. I remember the look on his face when the Doctor told him there was no point suffering though quitting . Don't let that happen to you!

4 Smoking helps me lose weight.....True. Just look at how skinny Rich got. There is so much better ways to lose weight.

5 Smoking helps the stress.....False. Actually it adds stress. You have to be concerned about money, your health, where your going to smoke, if you have enough smokes to last... Who needs that on top of everything else?


6. A lot of people who never smoke get cancer anyway, so I might as well enjoy myself.... True they do but thats like saying a lot of people get hit by cars so I might as well go play in the road. Your chances are much greater if you smoke and you won't have that terrible feeling that maybe you deserve it because you did it to yourself like Rich had.